and so it begins…

Hey Y’all!

Welcome to my first official NAMI CA Consumer Programs blog. I’ve been working with NAMI CA for just over 4 years and I’ve done so many great things and met so many amazing people and it feels silly that I’ve waited this long to tell the world about all of the wonderful things we’re doing here. It’s clearly long past time to get with the social networking times.

This blog will be used to keep you (our members and local affiliates) informed about exciting upcoming events and updated on our Consumer Programs (Peer-to-Peer, NAMI Connection, and In Our Own Voice). For kicks, I might even tell you about some of the wild and wonderful adventures I get to have traveling the Golden State and meeting with local affiliates. This work I am blessed to do is never boring.

Please subscribe to this blog or remember to check back regularly. I’ll do my very best to make it worth you while.

I hope you’re all out there creating change and making the most beautiful waves in the world!

Until soon,


Becks Hawkins
Consumer Programs Director
NAMI California
(916) 595-3198


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